ART is TRUTH It is culture. It is what is left behind by man’s creative talent as time goes by. It is the statute in the park, the hand woven rugs hung on a wall, the music recording, a poem, the actor on the stage or the cinema. It stretches the mind and stimulates thought. It is created from life. It is therefore organic and a force of man’s hand on the environment around him. Yet there is a distinction. There is a unique kind or use of some art. Instead of just being made to sit and be viewed, some art truly gives back to the community around it. That is the purpose of ARTISTIC HOPE. HOPE stands for Holistic Organic Philanthropic Expression. A place to find information on how art is being used to raise awareness, raise money, or help others learn, grow, and have fulfilled lives.

Artistic Hope is the domain of the author of this document. While fighting cancer and working in the industry, Laura found a need to dig into what she enjoyed the most. There was also a sudden need to give back, a need she always felt, but now with a new drive. We only have one life to live and what is it that we can leave behind. What can each of us do to impact the world? Laura also had a need to express and the first amendment was very important to her. This was Laura’s answer. She pulled out a thesaurus and started playing with the word Hope and how to use it as an acronym for something else. And a dream for a website was born.

In times of pain, art is often a source of joy. Children love to draw. Who has not sat alone and found solace in the pages of a good book, or enjoyed a good film or play or music show to escape. ARTISTIC HOPE is the author’s dream- a place to show how much art means to others. Art has a life beyond its boundaries. It can and does help others and this is a place to find stories of that impact and the grace that the creative hand can have on community.


For more information about Laura Ann Tull the actress, poet journalist see her website at lauraanntull.com and for her Filmmaking, digital media art, and photography see womenlovepeace.com.