Blitzstein Museum U2 Chopping down the Joshua Tree


Tonight i’m at a free event at the Blitzstein museum on Fairfax in Los Angeles.  A concert with “Title Trackers” showing their music video “chopping down the Joshua Tree.” 


There was a Q&A about the video and the band and their U2 experience in a space where art covers the walls.  The band is playing some songs from their new albumn “Lost Title Tracks.”  Great mix of art music and multimedia.  The crowd is a mix of art & music lovers and makers.

Sample.  “The Streets Have no Name” cover.

The curator and I are friends from my acting days on sets.  We both have set cred. Cool space.  Eclectic. 

A little harmonica playing on Vine.

A little cello.

The song that inspires the event.  Joshua tree.
Still havent found what im looking for.

The band apparently dresses up in costumes usually and parodies the original band.  A little Morrison.
Tom Petty.

Art inspires and art forms do not have to be in boxes.  Movies are paintings in motion with sound and a good film has a great sound track.  And parties can be laced with art.  Look around.  I think that gatherings like this should be in every community. 

For more information about Title Trackers click HERE.

This was a great event. I talked to really nice people. I feel like i need to say though don’t be mean to others. I am hyper sensitive to the vibes of others. I wouldnt talk to people who judge by gossip and wouldnt be open to kindness. No back biting. Be kind. Im surprised how harsh and critical people have become in Los Angeles the past few years. If you can not say something to someone’s face. Just saying.

I worked on sets for years & my job was to be active but quiet. But that was when i was working. I feel the need now to speak up. To say we need to be willing to express ourselves to make change. To laugh at our own flaws not find flaws in others. We are all human. We are all creators. We are all artists in some way. We all have egos that bruise and feel pain. Art can bring us together and build bridges if we drop the need to be better rather than carving our own message.

I have some photos I took with my canon 20D. It makes too much noise so i only took a few. In a better more understanding world i would have used money from working to get a mirrorless camera. I love taking pictures of artists and actors sharing their soul in their work.

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