Frogtown Art Walk Rediscovering Capitalism.


There is a place called Frogtown. It is in the area where the 2 and Riverside Drive meet. There is a bike trail that follows the Los Angeles River. Along the trail are warehouses and bike shops and art gallery spaces. It is industrial and communal. The program starts with a brief biography of Lewis MacAdams, a Princeton Graduate, journalist, poet, and recipient of the L.A. River Hero Award. He is the founder of “Friends of the Los Angeles River.” the area is also known as the Eysian Valley. This is the tenth year of the walk, but my first time. It is like the park in Washington DC that unless you are a true local you have no idea it is there. I have been in Los Angeles for 14 years. I guess it is time I found this unique gem.

The walk is rather interesting, and seems surprisingly safe late at night. Though I would go when here is an event and also with others. I think if I can go again next year, I would go earlier. The area is not well lite. there is enough light so one does not fall down, but photography without a flash was rather difficult at best.

The art ranges from music, to laser installations, photographs, pottery, paintings, and woks of political activism. There were 30 locations. Three stages. Seven Installations. Events ranged from a hula hoop contest, to film screenings, to a chalk walk and tarot card readings. I did not get a chance to see all of them. It also did not just represent the valley. For example Piece by Piece, an organization based down town, had a booth of their mosaic work. Sometimes I feel Los Angeles has become less friendly to those not local or immersed in the community. I recognized this night that it is an individual issue. I saw such a mix of people consuming tamales and Mexican food. I think California has a better chance of being a state that reflects peace and prosperity because of its liberal activist stance. Considering there were artists trying to sell their work, and acting like a business, while also offering a community experience for people to get healthy human contact, I would not call the liberalism of Los Angeles, socialism. I see the art community as being more capitalist and free market than the corporations trying to run the government.

Every year when members of Congress try to cut the National Endowment for the Arts, I think about how it is hurting the economy and not helping the economy. I think the truest form of Capitalism is the artist who makes something and then turns around and offers it for sale. Even when the proceeds go to a non profit or to help others, it is still free will and free market.
I wish DC and the east coast had such a thriving art community and such a positive view on Art being a community endeavor.

I find that my voice is being attacked for creating this site. Yet the attacks have stopped and they stopped after my college magazine published I created Artistic Hope. Though I think that there may be a connection also to a certain person I knew leaving town. I wish that the hate would stop. My intent is to leave something behind I made, because we all need a purpose for being here. But it is not to silence voices and it is not to tell people what they can call art. Granted I am subjective and I refuse to discuss art that may be offensive to parents or children.

I suspect the person is jealous. I wish they would over come that. I also wish they understood that no one is superior to anyone else. My family were poor farmers and fishermen. Granted my ancestors built a town called Tull’s Corner in Maryland and my grandfather was a politician in a small town consisting of about 400 people. But my mother’s maternal grandfather was named Patrick Carter and his wife was named Bele or Bell, and they lived in the Appalachian mountains and were farmers and coal miners. My attacker keeps implying I had white privilege. that only applies to MEN. As a woman I have had to put up with so much sexism I find it hard to get work in the industry I love. I will never be a practicing lawyer and I love acting so much that without it my will to live is dying. My attacker acts like they were born with a silver spoon yet claim they worked hard to give their parents everything. All I want is work that allows me to grow as an actor and artist and a safe place and loving people who accept I am an actor. I am an artist. I want to make the world a better place with art, not fight criminals or fight anyone. I create this to help encourage art and love and beauty. Not dictate what that is to everyone.
Sorry I digress but the coolest thing anyone has said to me so far at an art event was that I am an ANGELINO. After 14 years I think I should be allowed to feel I belong and that this is HOME. No one should be threatening me because of the color of my skin, or that I am straight, or that i am BUDDHIST. Genetically we are all HUMANS. We all have the capacity to appreciate art and even make it.

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