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I went to this free event at The Electric Lodge on April 3rd and well due to some technical difficulties and a hacker I am delayed in writing about it.  This was a free adult art event.  I stress adult as the content of the performance was decidedly for those over 18.  If you can not legally smoke this show is not for you. 

Apparenty there is a video to promte this show listed in this image. 


It was an intriguing one woman poetry performance of a girl’s life with smoking and how her cigarette addiction impacted her life and the people who crossed into her world, or the world smoking drew her to.  It dealt with friends, intimacy, life and death.

I myself in no way want to promote tobacco.  However we all have vices and life today is not all rosy and perfect.  Sometimes our art draw attention to the realities of our time.  Though there is a strange poetry in the realization that smoking is no longer something you see on every street corner anymore.  Perhaps that is what is so timely about this work.  One day smoking may just be a ride that was taken by the prior generation.  Stories told of a past age.  It leaves a door open though for artists to find something else communal though “hopefully” less health damaging to take its place.

I should add though this is personal that the guy leading Host was friendly but odd to me and he later in a video on Periscope brought up rape when i joined in. Also there was a guy in the back with what appeared to be a brown curly wig drinking a beer who was very tall and he seemed drunk who, well looked like someone i knew, but i hate confrontation.


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Art Block Venice Beach Part Two


artblock20150615_025-85  artblock20150615_025-84  artblock20150615_025-83      artblock20150615_025-80      artblock20150615_025-76      artblock20150615_025-73      artblock20150615_025-71      artblock20150615_025-70      artblock20150615_025-67      artblock20150615_025-65      artblock20150615_025-62      artblock20150615_025-60      artblock20150615_025-59      artblock20150615_025-53      artblock20150615_025-50      artblock20150615_025-47      artblock20150615_025-43      artblock20150615_025-42      artblock20150615_025-40      artblock20150615_025-38     artblock20150615_025-37      artblock20150615_025-35     artblock20150615_025-34    artblock20150615_025-33    artblock20150615_025-31    artblock20150615_025-29    artblock20150615_025-27    artblock20150615_025-22    artblock20150615_025-20    artblock20150615_025-19    artblock20150615_025-18    artblock20150615_025-17    artblock20150615_025-16    artblock20150615_025-13    artblock20150615_025-11    artblock20150615_025    artblock20150615_025-9

I am going to start this blog with a travelling art gallery created by Photographer Hayley Marie Colston who is part of a movement to create a VENICE ART MUSEUM. I think that would be beautiful. Her photos caught my eye because of the images of the BUDDHISTS. I really like her stuff. Makes me want a new camera. She has a travelling art gallery in a trailer. See photos below.

From the 4th and Sunset intersection. My journey with the Venice Art Block took me to Indiana Court to see the art art work of Francisco Letelier, MaryBeth Fama, and Leonoardo Ibanez.

Rita Lux and Eoin Colgan were kind enough to open their artist home to the Block. This brilliant Duo's art work truly compliment each other. They asked me not to take photos of their work but see the links.

Rojelio Cabral is a street artist and multi talented.

John Mooney on Hampton Drive is a talented glass maker who gave demonstrations.

Melissa Herrington opened her home and kitchen to the event with flavored water and cocktails and art.

the next group of artists were in a group of what appeared to be condo spaces. Sandy Bleifer is a painter who works sometimes in 3D, however even her 2D work has depth. Bee Colman is a Textile designer. Helena Jones Elbing a jewelry maker. Natasha Prosenc Stearns is a Slovenian born filmmaker and showed some of her multi media art work and installations on the walls of the basement. Her work explores the lines where humanity meets cyber.

Jean Edelstein makes what are called Chinese accordian books that look like what they sound like, story books in length. Her work has a Asian flavor on crisp white.

Aurelia Dumont I have met as she runs a photo group on Meetup. She is a very nice and brilliant photographer from FRANCE. This was the first event I was able to make it to. Unfortunately I am very upset with the games being played with me on TWITTER. This is AMERICA. You do not have the right to make me get a husband or follow the religions of my FATHER. I chose my path. I AM AN ACTOR. I have been an actor since I was 19 in college. YES I STUDIED ECONOMICS. To keep my father from abusing me, but I also quit the honor program at my school because I CHOSE ACTING over that program. I fought to WALK. I fought cancer. I CHOSE TO LIVE TO LIVE MY LIFE and no one has the right to abuse me or make me mentally ill anymore. I was not CRAZY when I was working on sets. I was and am determined to fight to be GOOD at ACTING period. You take that away from me I am not going to want to have anything to do with HUMANITY. I do not understand people who want to see others in PAIN or who want to destroy the fact that I LIKED BEING HAPPY. I liked being on sets. ACTING MAKES ME HAPPY and who ever has been accusing me of wanting a RICH HUSBAND, SIGNING ME UP FOR THE GOP, and I am also getting emails in my spam that indicate someone may be signing me up for sights that are basically porn or date sites, you are VERY Very SICK and actually breaking the law. I hope you get caught.

Diana Hobson. Her work is actually in a store on Abbot Kinney that sells very nice crafted i-phone cases, the kind you may see that look like hand crafted wood. Apparently her studio is above the story.

Olivia Ward was for me what I thought was the half way point on the map as her home was the center. This nice British artist and her friend were willing to give me a drink to quench my thirst. Very lovely pottery. I would have liked to have had one of the bright green ones in my home.

Amy Kaps is a performance artist of sorts. I listened to her tell a guest of her photo project of having herself wrapped in tape and then unwound.

Rohitash Rao had a bright green space with art to match. It had a modern graphic novel quality. Apparently he is known in the Juvenile world for books that can be found on Amazon. His art work had a tongue in cheek humor as can be seen in the photo "Yes I know I am drowning."

Harry Gundersen I did not get to see, which was a shame. He apparently is brilliant. His blog appears to not work on my computer. I am wondering if he is an FX artist.

Michele Castagnetti I do not believe I got to meet or see her work either.

Flavio Bisciotti I met as he was closing up his space. I only got to get a peek.

Los De Abajo Printmaking was closed by the time I got there.

Emily Van Horn I actually spent some time at this space. There were three artists. Ms Horn and Mardi De Veuve Alexis. I did not get the name of the third artist. I missed the last few artists because by the time I got to the space on California Avenue I was exhausted. I sat down and drank some nice flavored water and listened to a discussion about a documentary film. I was so tired. My feet had become numb. This should really be a two day event.

Teresa Accardi we had an interesting conversation about the police and the state of the nation. We agreed on many points. Her art has a flower child 60s psychedelic quality.

Overall if you like to see art and be exposed to a variety of styles, VENICE ART BLOCK is an event not to missed. Art INSPIRES ART. EVEN ACTING. A good acting exercise. Go to art gallery when you are working on a character and think what paintings would your character chose to admire and WHY? I think it is also a good writing exercise. Put yourself into someone else's shoes. Maybe if the police in the US were given empathy training, and acting training, they would know when someone is surrendering and when they are actually a threat.

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Venice Art Block Part One


artblock20150615_025-96    artblock20150615_025-95    artblock20150615_025-93    artblock20150615_025-92    artblock20150615_025-91    artblock20150615_025-90    artblock20150615_025-89    artblock20150615_025-88    artblock20150615_025-87    artblock20150615_025-86    artblock20150615_025-82    artblock20150615_025-79    artblock20150615_025-77    artblock20150615_025-75    artblock20150615_025-74    artblock20150615_025-72    artblock20150615_025-69    artblock20150615_025-68    artblock20150615_025-66      artblock20150615_025-63      artblock20150615_025-61   artblock20150615_025-55   artblock20150615_025-52   artblock20150615_025-51   artblock20150615_025-46   artblock20150615_025-45   artblock20150615_025-41   artblock20150615_025-36   artblock20150615_025-30   artblock20150615_025-28   artblock20150615_025-24   artblock20150615_025-23   artblock20150615_025-21   artblock20150615_025-15   artblock20150615_025-14   artblock20150615_025-12   artblock20150615_025-10   artblock20150615_025-7 artblock20150615_025-6

The Venice Art Block is an area of Venice where artists live and work. It is a place where artists create, show and teach their trade. The arts range from Photography, to painting, ceramics, multi media, jewelry, fashion, stone, and glass. The slide show is pretty extensive with over 30 pictures. I had to break this piece into two parts because there were 24 plus locations. I managed to go to about 20 of them.

Starting at 360 Sunset Ave with the galleries of Pamela Weir-Quiton, Gregory Weir Quiton, and Patrick Johnston Ceramics, this one large spaced housed wooden statues and a workshop, paintings, and beautiful crafted pottery.

361 Vernon Avenue: the Distillery consisted of multiple studios. The artists included Marlen Lugo and MB Boissonnault, Kate Wolfgang Savage, Eric Schwabel, Photographer who was on hand to take photos of people in the "rain." Gary Palmer, Jaclyn Wiseman, Patrick Morris, Elizabeth Orleans, Budman Studio, Bisco Smith. andMonica Perez. I spoke to Savage and Perez both very talented women, and Morris has truly captured the love of his muse.

Mike Weber's studio was closed. I believe I also did not see Martin Katon's work. Scott Slagerman is the beautiful glass work. And Erik Thorkildson opened his apartment to the event. His are the photos in the apartment of the beautiful organic bright oil paintings.

Believe it or not this is only the first 6 locations listed on the ART BLOCK map. There was a lot to see in just a 5 block area.
On to PART 2.

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VAC March 2015


VAC20150319_020-2     VAC20150319_020-3    VAC20150319_020-6     VAC20150319_020-10     VAC20150319_020-13     VAC20150319_020-16     VAC20150319_020-18     VAC20150319_020-23     VAC20150319_020-27    VAC20150319_020-28    VAC20150319_020-30    VAC20150319_020-32    VAC20150319_020-35    VAC20150319_020-37    VAC20150319_020-41    VAC20150319_020-42    VAC20150319_020-48    VAC20150319_020-51    VAC20150319_020-55    VAC20150319_020-56     VAC20150319_020-57     VAC20150319_020-58     VAC20150319_020-65     VAC20150319_020-69     VAC20150319_020-79     VAC20150319_020-80     VAC20150319 020-60 VAC20150319 020-40 VAC20150319 020-75

The Venice Art Crawl now happens quarterly and I attended the event on March 19, 2015.  That means the next one is going to be happening next month in JUNE.  It may not be too late to participate and it is definitely not to late to plan to attend. JUNE is my birthday month so I am not sure I will be going or not yet.  It depends how I feel.  I am an artist after all.  We are guided by our hears and intuition.

The Crawl so far does not keep to the same part of Venice each quarter.  Which is I think probably helpful to the community as a whole as the ARTS are not limited to one area of the community.  IN March the event took place further South with some Galleries in Marina Del Rey participating as well as closure of part of Abbot Kinney.  There was also an AFTERCRAWL party at Half a Dozen Roses. 
See the photo gallery below and the VAC website for details of the JUNE 19 Venice Art Crawl.  Just FYI there is now a $25 fee to participate as an artist, but that gives you publicity and you must organize and coordinate your own event. IN other words find a space willing to showcase your work in Venice.

SEE MEETUP.  There is a VAC Meetup group run by the VAC President, photographer Sunny Bak.  Some of the food establishments hung images and photos on their walls for patrons to observe as they ate.

Several of the March events acted as a means to raise money for Charity. For example one store auctioned off art designed bags to raise money for P.S. Aets. Good Neighbors sponsored an art show of photos of their work, along with beautiful images of horses and fish and an auction of images to raise money for their cause to build a global community. In particular the event focused on their efforts to ensure good drinking water for people in the Caribbean and Africa.

IN the closed of section of road Eclectic Hoops and Hoop Girl sold hoops for people to use to play to the live music being performed. If I were to become a teacher I would want to learn to teach Hoops. I thought about Yoga at one point. It is tough when you are raised in a household governed by the government of the US and conservative perspectives. Art can't be a job. Health can't be a job. I have to be what was expected of me over 13 years ago when I walked away from a life I hated and wanted nothing to do with it anymore. That is why I built this sight. That way of life and thinking, one generation pushing down the next to be just the same, is strangling the best of us. Not everyone in America lives the same as another, and well standards of perspective are different. Normal dress code for Los Angeles is jeans and a nice shirt, while in New York and DC jeans and a t shirt are for weekends and maybe Friday if your lucky. I don't want dry cleaning bills.

Also note once again A Window Between Worlds was present. They let participants make a tiny glass paperweight with an self made image. I love them.

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Santa Monica Free Craft Lounge 1450 Ocean STILL A TREAT


SMcrafts20150221_021-19     SMcrafts20150221_021-3

In Santa Monica right on Ocean just north of the entrance to the pier is a building called 1450 Ocean or Camera Obscura.  It is the home of a Camera Obscura.  On the Second Saturday of every month they have a free Craft Lounge.  I just wanted to remind people what a great idea this is.  It is FREE though they would like you to register in advance.  Activities change every month depending on teacher availability, though they usually have sewing machines available for anyone who wants to go in and work on a project on their own with their own supplies.  They also offer many craft and art classes and even some yoga and dance for a free. 

I attended the lounge in February and March of this year.  In February I made a scarf with a plain white t-shirt and in March I made art Money.  Images of the scarf are below. The supplies to make the scarf, or at least the paint can be purchased for about $5-6 a spray bottle at Michaels.  If I remember correctly, One should wear protective gear and gloves.  Also spray somewhere that you will not damage furniture or floors and walls.

For information on 1450 Ocean, which is a project of the Santa Monica Government please see their website. They can also be found on Facebook and there is a MEET UP.

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